CH. Debonairs Bust A Move At Calmont

Chihuahua: Red & White
Sex: Male
OFA  Patella - Normal
OFA Cariac - Normal
Breeder: Zack Ford
Owner: Jennifer Kashuba
CH Weavers Sky's The Limit
Jancan's Gypsy Rosa Lee - L
CH Tiny Mite's White Knight
CH Weavers Maid of the Mist
De Hernandez Oreo N DeChrist
Jancan's Casino Showgirl
Duce's"Brassy'Sun Set Red
Tiny Mite's Something Sunny
CH Weavers One and Only Tipper
Dea's Willy Watch Me Gnal
Kandee's Diamond in The Ruffl
Senorita Cita De Hernandez
CH Weaver's Jancan Tipper Slam
Dragonhill's Blu B of Jancan